Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 88th Birthday Grandma

8 reasons my Grandmother is the most exceptional person I know:

8. She keeps in very close contact with all of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, neighbors, waiters, cleaning ladies, plumbers, doctors, nurses, gardeners and well you get the idea. Chances are if you have spent an hour with Carol, she knows a lot about you, and will continue to learn everything about you; and will send you a card on your birthday and every major holiday.

7. She keeps fruit, cheese, nuts or anything that needs to stay cool in the dryer.

6. She has kept every letter and note from all of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, neighbors, waiters, cleaning ladies, plumbers, doctors, nurses and gardeners.

5. She does Tai Chi every Monday and drinks vinegar every morning.

4. If there is music within ear shot of her she will immediately begin to dance.

3. She is 88 and still wears 3 inch heals and looks better in them than I do.

2. She once took a fully cooked Turkey on a plane to Denver.

1. Carol is above all else kind and loving, she continues to show this to all she comes in contact with. We love her and wish her a very happy birthday and many more!


melodee said...

What a loving tribute to your grandma Carol, Meikel. I love this photo of her and Dad and I love your 8 reasons. Mother truly is love embodied, evidence of the power of love to expand and include more; it's seems like a logical contradiction--that is, if love were a pie, the more who needed to divide it, the less there would be for each. But in reality, the ability to love increases exponentially as we love more. How fortunate all of us are who Carol Bement Lambert loves.