Friday, August 22, 2008

Tag, I'm it.

I am...hungry.

I think...about everything, way to much. To much thinking not enough doing.

I know...the words to countless songs.

I travel, immediately. To Spain.

I have... a tremendous husband.

I be successful.

I hate...that word, hate.

I miss... Grandpa, The Garys, Lindsey, Greece, London, Paris.

I much, fear is the polio that keeps us from walking by faith.

I feel... tired, really tired and a little confused as to why Obama picked Biden.

I hear...beck

I smell...massaman curry.

I search...for the perfect bag, and shoes that fit.

I wonder...if I will ever finish school.

I much, goes back to that less thinking and more doing.

I family.

I care...about my dear friends.

I always... always, am in the mood for good company and good food, preferably together.

I am not...on time.

I the goodness of people.

I dance... when alone, a lot.

I sing... in the car and shower.

I don' enough for those in need.


I win... at Guitar hero, all the time.

I lose... at freaking Perudo, damn you Justin.

I never...try purposefully to hurt someone or eat at McDonald's.

I good, good music.

I can usually be found... at work. I would like to be found in a foreign country.

I am scared of...wasting my life.

I read... Ton's of Blogs, I am a little obsessed at the moment.

I am happy about... my life, it is pretty great.

I tag.... Annie, Jenna, Allison & Nicole.


Jake and Jenna said...

meikel, i need to tell you something. i have admired you endlessly since the day i met you at sundance way back when. you are a truly beautiful and talented person. i thought to myself, my gosh i don't think i've ever met a more beautiful girl and fun girl. i'm not lying. i thought that. i also believe in the goodness of people, and i truly try to be a good person every single day. thank you for your nice note on my blog, and thank you for being you. i hope we hang out sometime soon. i really, really do.

aaron&marianne said...

what a lovely comment from your friend- you are such a wonderful woman and so fun to have as my dear dear cousin!