Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29th

Today is my dear Grandpa's birthday, he would have been 91 today. We really miss and love him.


melodee said...

I thought of Dad many times yesterday, pulled out some of my favorite pics and toasted him twice, once with friends over lunch and again after dinner with Craig & Brynn, Taylor and Bailey. Then Janine told me to check out your blog and Marianne's too. Love the shot Moo has of him so young and the one you have here of C.B. and Mom with the Scout, the Scout he had to help me rescue from Utah Lake. Here, here, C.B.! So glad you for this post in honor of C.B.

aaron&marianne said...

that's a cool picture- i don't remember seeing it before- i hope granny has an ok day- and you too!