Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lindsey Kester, Bachelor of Science in Archeology

My best friend Lindsey everybody! Lindsey is one of the most tremendous people I have ever met. I can't believe it has been so many years, we have had some amazing times together! Congratulations BFF, you are DONE!!!!!


Anonymous said...
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aaron&marianne said...

oh my gorsh! so proud of lintsee! yay more women with degrees! i am so happy! she looks sooooooo beautiful and smaert!

ke said...

To Lindsey: Hurrah! You're adorable. If you'd pass that on, I'd appreciate it. :)
To Meikel: Why hello there. This is me stalking you via Luke's Facebook. I didn't know you did weddings and they look beautiful. Also something Facebook is good for: I found our long-lost Lauren there. Are you up for lunch sometime? Let me know, eh? Um, Luke has me on Facebook? I do do other things with my life? Blink. --Kjerstin M