Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meet Pace Brian Andrus

Isn't he adorable! My cousin Annie & her husband Brett just brought this little one into the world. He is so sweet, it was really fun to spend some time with them on Sunday! The last picture is of his mom & I around age 3. We are pretty cute too if I do say so myself.


Ems said...

oh my! so cute on all accounts!

reddquilter said...

My, Oh My that boy is cute!
Talk about cute, those girls are to die for!
Thanks for posting the cutest pictures ever.
Keep it up, love Becky

Queeey said...

I am speechless. What an adorable nephew I have. You did an awesome job on the pictures. We haven't been able to see the handsome kiddo in person yet. :(
Oh, and you and Annie are too cute.