Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bear Lake


nicole said...

That was such a fun weekend, we were so bummed we had to leave early!

And, I am dying at the picture of Dan going nuts in the game, while everyone else is sitting there so calmly. Ha!

aaron&marianne said...

ohhhh looks like so much fun!

who's got the cool silver sunglasses? that is my favorite shot- really cool-

and you have sexy eyes even in the snow goggles- damn dark eyes with dark eyebrows- jealous--i have to put mascara on eyebrows and lashes to even see that i have hair in those places!!!!

Justin and traci said...

Two words wicked awesome! stay tuned for St george in march rock climbing and enjoying warmer weather.

melodee said...

The photos of you and friends in helmets and out on the snow with the "mobiles" make me think of an Arctic Star Wars; you guys are the Jedi, of course.