Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Bridal Fair

The Bridal Fair, what an interesting place to be. Surrounded by enormous amounts of pink taffeta and tiaras, the constant giggling of brides to be. Some of them looking extremely youthful and not in a good way. Only in Utah.
I remember a few years ago when I myself attended the bridal fair, my mom and my cousin "night and the roxburyed" me while what is love blared over the speakers. Good memory.


aaron&marianne said...

and I will 'roxbury' you whenever that song comes for the rest of your life, so when we are both in our 90s and widows and grocery shopping together, 'what is love' will come on over the airwaves and I will go to town!

SteveAlliTiek said...

Hey Meikel! Should we put these beautiful pictures on the NottingGate blogspot? It's up to you. We hope we see ya soon!

aaron&marianne said...

uhh- more pictures! I don't care if you are a high ranking manager at sundance and if you barely have time to see your honey- more pictures!!!! (you know I love you)