Friday, August 31, 2007

Ready for my close up . . .

Here I am with Luke's wonderful family at Luke's Great Aunt's Funeral in February having what appears to be a complete moment of self involvement. Not exactly model behavior for a funeral. Yep-I am awesome


aaron&marianne said...

but there are so many reasons to look fashinable at a funeral! did
you get a chance to say your own yoo-goo-gilly?

seriously though, we are sorry about luke's great aunt and it looks like she had a lovely surrounding of family to help say 'goodbye'

Queeey said...

Hey! Lovely blog. Your pose reminds me of Grandma Carol! My kids got a bit of her inside of them. They love to run down to the corner and wave goodbye to people and I never taught them to do that!

Anywho, Marianne says you'd like to see our blog. Ours is private so I just need to add your email to our list but I don't think I have your email (I can't find it anyway). I'll do some sleuthing any help would be appreciated. :) Send it to queeey at yahoo dot com and I'll get you set up!

love ya!

Bryan said...

You are both lovely people. Why don't I see more of you.
Can't wait to see more